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Enjoy these rad tunes, my Tumblr lovelies ~

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“Heroes tell us something about ourselves. History books tell us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, but heroes tell us who we want to be. And a lot of our heroes depress me. But, you know, when they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an X-Wing fighter, they gave him call box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a super power or pointy ears or a heat ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts. And that’s an extraordinary thing. There will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.”

Steven Moffat (x)

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Randomly imagining what a day out in modern day London would be like with Dickens, Wilde, and Shakespeare in tow. I think Dickens and Wilde would bicker a lot (“I can’t read that much Dickens. I start getting the urge to commit suicide.” - Wilde) while Shakespeare would be like, “Omfg, have you guys tried this ‘ice cream’ before? It is delightful!”

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Holy shit, I never realized until now that the term “tree lawn” is just a Cleveland thing. It’s that little strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the street. Apparently other people elsewhere call it the “road verge???”

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Don’t stop me now.

Don’t stop me now.

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