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So apparently there’s a loch in Scotland just south of Loch Ness called Loch Lochy. I dedicate a long and emphatic slow clap to whatever creative genius came up with that one.

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Every publicity picture of Harry with Lockhart makes me feel compelled to say, "Now show me where the bad man touched you."

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I think one of the things I enjoy most about reading is that you can create entire worlds within your mind. The words on the page provide the framework, but it’s your imagination that does the real work. It’s kind of like how things are when you dream. Nothing is truly fixed, but it definitely has form. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentally and emotionally revisited places that were originally read about and conceived in my mind as a child. I can open a book I read once when I was 8 and instantly go back to that same inner space. All of those spaces are like little chunks of home.

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Outlander is ruining my life

In all the best possible ways.

I’ve seen the tv series, read the first book, and am now on the second.

Not even four chapters in, and I am already dead. So dead. The mystery. The suspense. The squees. I’m tempted to just keep reading the whole night through. But I can’t, I really can’t. But I must. Nooooooo……..

Just. Yeah. I’m posting this here because I really don’t have anyone else to talk to about how much this is ruining my life. Do you know this feeling???

Goodbye life.

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When you take into account the fact that no one possibly living beyond 53 light-years away knows we’re even capable of leaving our own planet, it makes a lot more sense that they haven’t tried to contact us.

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My signature dance move is repetitively flicking off the world.

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My signature dance move is repetitively flicking off the world.

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I feel like my ideal career would involve meeting people and listening to their discoveries and ideas on how to change the world, then helping them to translate those things to a wider audience and reality. Sort of like a midwife to the birth of innovation.

(And also writing fiction on the side because I can be a bit of an escapist.)

So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions as to what kind of job I’m actually describing, please let me know, because I have absolutely no idea.

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In which an anonymous voice from the crowd says what we all think.


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