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Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi on the set of Doctor Who | 17th July 2014 | 

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I adore these pictures of me, Hayley and Matt Just Buy The Toad Photography took of us this weekend!



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Wasn’t there a picture from an earlier block of filming, where she was channeling Patti Smith, with a suit and skinny tie?

yeah, it caused a small stir cause it’s a really hideous bad-fitting suit

I hate to say this, but I bet it’s cause the Doctor now looks like an old man, so Moffat doesn’t bother to have Clara dress up for him

Clara wears loads of trousers in s8 filming photos; I’ve been paying keen attention to Clara’s outfits because I covet them, and there are a lot of trousers this year, as well as the odd pair of shorts I believe. Gone are the days of skirts only.

Also I suspect her shoes are a practicality thing because Jenna Coleman is very short and they need her to be in the frame. An unfortunate reality of being a short actress.

Okay, first off, I actually really love Clara’s suit. I also really like this outfit. I have generally liked Clara’s fashion choices from this upcoming season. Secondly, I doubt Moffat has as much control of Clara’s outfits as people think. It’s ultimately up to the costume department and probably Jenna-Louise Coleman as well.

As for wearing more trousers, I suspect that it’s to do with her growing up as a character. Less girly dresses, more sleek and sophisticated ensembles. Makes sense. And implying that Clara used to dress up only for the Doctor is actually quite unfair. I’m pretty sure she often wore skirts and dresses way before the Doctor came around because she simply liked them. Nothing wrong with that. And she still dresses nice. There’s been no decline in quality from what I can tell.

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I’ve made many mistakes.
And it’s about time I did something about that.

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