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London Things 02

Even though tickets to go on the Eye are expensive (£18.90 for an adult), it’s so worth it to go on at least once.

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So, we took our first trip into London together today! :D

We started off by heading down to Abbey Road, which Caitlin has seen many times over their site’s webcam, but now it’s in the flesh! We crossed the famous crossing, and had a look at the studios! If you go on the site, we’re there at about 4:47pm on the Crossing Webcam’s ‘archives’!

After that, we went down to Shaftesbury Avenue, and had a look all round Forbidden Planet, London’s very own geek haven, and we got Caitlin a T-shirt of the Eighth Doctor, which she’s currently wearing (and looking stunning as ever in), as well as a little Oyster Card holder with the Van Gogh-exploding TARDIS design.

Then we had a wander down to Trafalgar Square, a little too late to make it into the National Gallery, so that shall come another day! While on the way, we also popped down Cecil Court, a lovely little sidestreet filled with old bookshops, although also a little late to see the Dalek residing in Marchpane Books! :P When we were in Trafalgar Square, we took a few more pics, and had a bite to eat!

After that, we struck out towards Westminster, although we ended up taking a slight diversion along Horseguards Avenue, where not only did we see a statue for the Gurkha Regiments, but also found a balloon with a little note on it! Caitlin ran along the road to catch it, and it turned out it was one of many in a ‘balloon race’ sent out from a school to see how far away they’d get, and there’s a tag for us to send back and say where we found it! You can see the balloon in some of our pics! (More on that later!)

We went across Hungerford Bridge towards the Millennium Eye, and while it was a little too crowded (and a little grey and rainy today) to go on, we had an ice cream together, then carried on a little further, looking at the “Udderbelly Festival” stuff as we went, then popped into the Namco Centre, as I’d been there on a previous trip! We had some fun on a flight simulator type thing with futuristic racecars, had a game of air hockey (which I won - Woo!) then had a go at being spies, crawling under lasers and stealing from a virtual vault! We came within 0.1 points from being in their top 10, even though we tripped 5 laser beams! Not bad considering we had no idea what we were doing!

After this, we did go over towards Parliament and Big Ben. As we were crossing Westminster Bridge, the balloon came free from its mooring, and the wind whipped it into the air, and it flew incredibly close to the London Eye, before disappearing into the clouds until it looked like a tiny speck in the sky!

Once close to Parliament, we came across some unsavoury characters in costume, and then having a look round Parliament Square, looking at the various statues, including one of Caitlin’s countrymen, who you can see in the photos above, looking very stern!

After that, we took a leisurely walk alongside St James’ Park, and after getting a little lost in Paddington Station, came home! We made our dinner together for the first time, preparing ourselves some soup and cheesy pittabreads! 

There’s more pictures on my phone which we’ll be putting up soon, but there’s our day! :D What happens in our nights shall remain out of the gaze of Tumblr!